Life, Annuity, and Long-Term Care Insurance Planning Services

Professional Life, Annuity, and Long-Term Care Insurance Planning Services available in Phoenix, Sun City, Peoria, Scottsdale, and Mesa

Do you have concerns about Life Insurance?

Like most people, you may probably worry about:

  • What if something happens to wage earner?
  • Can we pay off the house?
  • Will my kids get a good education?
  • Will they grow up healthy and happy?

Life insurance can take care of these worries!

Life insurance is one of the best ways to prepare for the unexpected moments in Life; now, and in the future.

Note: If you need life insurance or Long-Term Care planning, don't procrastinate. Premiums tend to go up as you age, plus you run the risk of developing health problems that could make insurance more expensive or even unattainable.

However, there are 3 general questions about Life Insurance that need to be answered:

  • Do I need it? If you and other loved ones who are financially dependent on your income, then the answer is YES.
  • How long will I need it? We not only understand that every situation is different, but will also be different down the road. If you have a child or spouse who has special-needs, or you're are wealthy enough to worry about estate taxes, you may want coverage for life.
  • How much do I need? Just think how perfect your life would be, no fear of running out of money under most circumstances, be it death, disability, loss of job, market fluctuations, tax law changes to name a few.

And here is the best part, at GMH Investment Advisory Services we have been specifically trained to try to first accomplish these purchases "without spending any more money out of your budget". In some instances this may require additional funding based on individual circumstances or eligibility.

Phoenix Long-Term Care Planning Services also available in Sun City, Peoria, Scottsdale, and Mesa.