A Systematic Financial Planning Approach

Advice for Life is a four-step process that we have implemented successfully for clients with wide-ranging experiences, hopes and dreams. This holistic approach to financial planning seeks to reflect all your priorities and specific life circumstances through four key stages:

Discovery: The first step is to talk about things that are the most important to you—family, pastimes, charitable endeavors. We’ll ask a lot of questions about what you’re really thinking, feeling, concerned about; your experiences with money; and what you've accomplished so far. Together we’ll figure out where you are now.

Planning: Based on what we discuss in the discovery phase, we assess your present situation, and look into your financial future and consider what gaps may prevent you from accomplishing your life dreams. Together, we will consider the financial implications for each objective and construct the framework for a plan that supports them.

Strategies: A benefit of holistic planning is that it provides a comprehensive view of all areas of your financial life. During this phase we will review and analyze each recommendation specific to your situation rather than accepting general opinions or advertising. A solution or plan that only works under certain situations is doomed for failure. Your plan needs to work under all circumstances. We know one thing is certain—change. This is where we help you implement your customized plan.

Monitoring: The monitoring stage incorporates a unique tracking system to keep you updated as to your assets and investment objectives 24/7. We establish a web portal for you that is password protected, non-transactionable. This makes it impossible for money to be moved in or out of the system. Inside the portal we construct your vault, where you can store tax returns, wills, trusts, partnership agreements, stock options and most importantly, you decide who can view these items. Can you imagine the time and convenience of having all your important documents in one place, easily accessible when you wish to refinance your home, update your estate plans, review your taxes for basis and etc.

The Advice for Life approach recognizes that we’re all on a special journey—and that each of us requires a roadmap to help us get where we want to be. This disciplined planning process has helped other clients eliminate debt, better understand the financial decisions that support their situation and improve family communication regarding money issues.

We believe that adopting a holistic planning approach that focuses first on your life objectives and aspirations may improve the chances of achieving the future that you envision.